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About me

Tom Piccirilli

Tom Piccirilli

Having found a passion for poker during the Late Night Poker days I began playing online at legendary Pacific Poker. At the age of 16 (yes I know, thanks dad) shipping a $10 MTT for $1,500 was all it took to win me over, I went straight to the cashier, withdrew $1,000 and bought my first car on eBay that week, the bulletproof 1998 Hyundai Accent #CarFirstNameSecond - it never failed to start but the windows were jammed shut.

I had loads of fun during the BOOM years, climbing those steps on Bet365 to win the lot, depositing £100 on Stars on a Friday, then by Sunday night bagging a $10k score and an £8k EPT Package #ROI, the poker dream was very much alive. Working as a Senior Dev for a UK-based FTSE100 company I've never taken the plunge into the professional poker world. I've always remained a keen recreational, having amassed a decent wedge in online earnings and having played everything from £5k EPTs to WSOP events I've certainly flirted with the idea.

These days the poker dream is certainly still there, but you're going to have to work ten times harder to achieve it. With the major staking stables saturating the games on Stars, you'll be hard pressed to be a winner without hard work and dedication. As a recreational it's always tough to find time to study, when I'm not working or on my travels, I try to put some of my spare time into creating entertaining content for you guys. So when spare time does arise the last thing you want to be doing is studying NASH shoving ranges or running endless simulations from the BB after a 2.2x open from a cut off with a high VPIP. It may be old age but I much prefer Netflix and chill over Stars and grind these days.

With that said the Poker Wire forces me to keep up to date with the poker world, so I do find time to read articles, listen to podcasts, watch seminars and stay familiar with emerging trends and concepts. So if you see me on Stars or partypoker with my lucky_scrote (the original UK grinder) avatar I will be shoving your BB, so make sure you study those calling ranges, if you don't then I will look for you, I will find you and I will exploit you.

The Poker Wire has provided me with a platform to work with some exciting poker-related brands, I've had the opportunity to work with Bet Victor, Microgaming, MPN Poker Tour, Dusk Till Dawn and UpswingPoker. From creating engaging content, to generating buzz and exposure around events, to launching fun poker-related giveaways. The Poker Wire has allowed me to giveaway over $2,000 worth of exclusive tournament buyins around the world, allowing our followers to avail of free value is what drives us, not bombarding you all with mindless bonus codes and affiliate links, of which we have ZERO!

Please follow, like and read the blog, it's a mix of poker and personal so I hope you all enjoy.

Cheers guys.

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