Are we lazy when consuming online content?

This last month we’ve surpassed 5,000 followers on Twitter and 1,500 on Instagram.

We’ve started to introduce embedded videos direct to Twitter which based on our engagement analytics you’re enjoying. In fact, engagement for embedded videos far surpasses that of a tweet which includes a YouTube video. Why? Well embedded videos autoplay, you don’t have to waste your valuable time tapping the screen to play the video, similarly you’re kept within the app (on mobile), you aren’t linked away from your timeline “flow”. Also the majority of videos embedded within Twitter are no longer than 140 seconds, perfect for you whilst you’re in bed scrolling through a days’ worth of tweets.

Here’s a hand we tweeted a week or so back, yes the tweet is a little clickbaitesque but it did the job. With 6,000 tweets hitting Twitter every second and an average shelf life of around 7 seconds, it’s crucial to make each and every tweet as engaging as possible. It’s fair to say the plain-text tweet is dead, so it’s important to use everything available to lock up that initial interaction.

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Thomas Piccirilli

Creator of thePokerWire, senior developer for a FTSE100 company, BSc computing graduate with first class honours, content creator, husband, dog walker, feline entertainer and poker player unexploitably shoving from the small blind since 2009.

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